Types of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are broadly categorized into two main categories. The categorization has been done to provide recognition to apprentices through various affiliations and checking their capabilities before providing them professional certification.

Independent apprenticeships:

These apprenticeships are organized and managed by skilled people excelling in their profession. The employers tend to pass on their knowledge and trade to the upcoming generation of practitioners and derive help from at the same time at low wages. They do not get associated with educational institutions for study and training purposes. They only get associated with certification affiliation. One such example of an independent type of apprenticeship is childcare apprenticeships.

Cooperative apprenticeships:

These kinds of apprenticeships are organized and managed by mutual cooperation of the employers or the skilled people and the educational institutions. According to the kind of training, some of these may be more educational based. Like the training in engineering, aeronautics, medical apprenticeships need theoretical as well as practical knowledge. So, they involve a combination of classroom and field studies. The theories learnt in the class are put to practical application in the field.

Length of apprenticeships:

The length of an apprenticeship varies in accordance with the kind of apprenticeship trades. They vary widely for apprentices who are undergraduates, graduates or postgraduates. Then they may vary from country to country. Then, the length may vary in accordance with the last education acquired results. The program may be extended for enrolled apprentices with weaker results. Length of some apprenticeships varies in accordance with the time required in the educational institution and for practical training. The times are divided as per the need of the trade.

Apprenticeships for immigrants:

People who immigrate in a country do not get jobs as easier to the citizens of the same nation. Apprenticeships help them earn on foreign land. Enrolling themselves as apprentices open up their door to earning while learning. Leading example of this is childcare apprenticeships.